No exams, no tests, no hierarchies, no sitting at desks High School


Imagine teenagers, taking an hour to be with themselves, no modern distractions, just the beat of their heart, the tick of their brain, the sweep of the sea, that was Drumduan is about.



One of Drumduan tasks is to help the adolescent to find the ground beneath their feet, rooted in the reality of the practical life before they go out into a world of increasingly virtual reality.

At Drumduan Upper School, knowledge is nurtured and challenged, not tested and graded. Rigorous academic study is balanced with physical coordination and athletic skills, music and artistic work. Crafts and body-based learning such as forge work and boat-building are part of the daily rhythm. Making full use of the mountains, forests, rivers and shores that surround the School, the students participate regularly in outdoor activities such as canoeing, hiking, snowboarding and mountain biking.