Sunday, January 26, 2020

Gyan is a Sanskrit word for Knowledge.

GyanQuest is the Quest for Knowledge

GyanQuest is a curated site for students, parents and teachers to help them navigate the learning processes with all the technology and social changes around. It was created to help us navigate through all the clutter. It is a home for educational information that we found useful and to document our thoughts for our kids.

It focuses on “Learning to Learn” and in particular how we can provide a personalized education to our kids that nurtures their curiosity and encourages collaboration (instead of competition) using all available tools.

Even though we are both in the Software Technology, our focus is to provide our kids tools (tech or otherwise) in a project based learning environment. The goal is to be creative, express yourself, present ideas and learn via feedback.

It may not help you or your kid to get higher test scores or a better GPA.

But we hope it will be useful to figure out what skills and tools you would need for the future that you or your kids will invent.

– Ash & Orina


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